Self Adhesive Transparent Tapes 3inch x 65meters

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Tag name : Transparent Tapes 72 mm x 65 meter
Brand name : BOND/ SUMO/ Any Other
Colour : Transparent
Material : BOPP
Size (in inch) : 3
Length (in meter) : 65
Thickness (Micron) : 45
Size (in mm) :72
No. of Rolls : 48 per box
Minimum Order Quantity : 6 Rolls

Rs. 39.00
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Transparent Tape - often called as Cello tape is one of the most commonly used tapes having a wide range of application in day to day life. It is used as a stationary product as well as in industries where the main issue is color mapping and aesthetics of the packaging.

All these tapes are available with your own LOGO printed.

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