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When it comes to brand printed tape design, the possibilities are endless and lots of options for your packaging. But that doesn’t mean there are no rules to custom printed tape design. The final look of the printed tape – from the colors to the size to the composition of the various elements – will often be determined by the artwork provided by the customer and its requirement and their company’s design philosophy.

Those elements can include company logos, slogans, web addresses, phone numbers, multiple inks, specialized fonts or other messages with attractive design. Our professionalize art department can take your companies art file and use it to create proof that best suits your requirements and need while still offering a visually appealing attractive design.

In this blog post, we’ll look at some design options for your custom brand printed tape projects.






Companies that choose this option end up with a printed tape that is easily viewed from across the room picknpack art team did this perfectly. The logos are usually bolder, larger and make a strong visual statement with attractive design. This option givescompanies an exclusive brand promotion and reaches without any sort of clutter.

There are multiple variations and choices for brand printed tape depending on the number of inks being used and upload. Costs increase as you add more inks and design, so consider this factor when deciding what to print and your requirement.  A simple logo with one ink looks very different and attractive from a three-color print. But if you’re using a strong, well-designed logo, with the professional look the image will look great on your tape design no matter the number of inks with Picknpack India's dedicated e-commerce for packaging.




Adding another element to the print usually makes it easier for a company to communicate with customers and also look better. Some of the more comment elements include phone numbers or email addresses or – in more recent years – a website URL beneficial for your company promotion.

Having more elements also highlights the importance of having a well-designed layout with a colorful design that is still readable once the tape is applied to a box picknpack doing this well always.





More complex prints continue to be structured around a company logo, with additional information playing a supporting role for your branding.

In many cases, the logo is still big enough to be read from across the room, with extra information included in smaller font but clearly understand to customers. These days, these smaller elements can often take the shape of social media symbols, with companies using their tape to let customers know they can find them on Facebook, Twitter, etc and also increase the brand awareness and reach of your website.

the retailers when they are stocking their shelves. Having a well-designed tape is important to our customers and we are proud to be able to produce such a wide variety of tapes and the number of varieties is there only on picknpack.

To learn more about choosing the right tape design for your company, contact picknpack brand printed Tape. We’ve spent the lots of decades helping businesses like yours boost their brand awareness with logos that will get you noticed and brand printed shipping tape that will keep your products secure.





You’re the type of person who wants to see the best and popular in everyone. You see the world through a “glass is half-full” lens and picknpack do it for you.

Employee theft But you’ve also been selling your products,  qualitymaterial for long enough to know that anyone can succumb to temptation. Somewhere along your supply line, there’s someone who might be thinking about dipping into one of your boxes and material and sampling your goods.

Employee theft happens everywhere nowadays. Some of the people might be pressed for cash. They have medical bills, or they’re just bad at managing money and time. They figure out, “This is a big and honest company. They won’t be miss it.”

“That’s where brand printed packing tape can help.

 Only On picknpack”

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