- Our Vision -

To be the Ultimate solution provider for Packaging requirements and make available products and services across the globe to companies & Individuals across India.

- About Us -

All great business is a product of the pain points either people face in day to day life or current consumer face while using existing product or service. Today with plethora companies producing a variety of packaging material, procurement of right packaging material and getting it delivered at right time is still a big challenge equally to small & large organizations. In today’s times where Packaging material has stood out as 5th P of Marketing, it has also played role in adding functional value to the product (eg: Packaging Improves Shelf Life) and has also played role to safeguard the product in transit or at various stages from Manufacturing stage till it reaches to hands of end consumer. When it comes to customized packaging various parameters have to be taken care of before Packaging material is finalized- like design, statutory requirements- FSSAI, Packaging machines etc.

Also, with requirements in Packaging for multiple products, not all requirements are in volumes. There are even short quantity requirements of a regular item or specialty product. Non-availability of such products has stopped production lines at the times. The procurement cost also becomes very high.

The birth of Long Tail Procurement Solutions Pvt. Ltd. comes along the line, to be your only Packaging Manager. The company envisions caring for your every need in packaging through our technology Platform pickNpack. It not just Packaging material but providing you Packaging Solutions. Our Uniquely designed Packaging Clinic Services makes your journey of buying and use of material a cakewalk.

Our team includes members with decades of experience in Packaging Industry, Young minds with qualifications from Premiere Institutes. Our Mentor Panel includes big names from Packaging Industry, White Goods and OEM sectors. We are passionate about Packaging and continually upgrade ourselves with recent developments in Packaging.