What is Barcode Registration?

“Living in the era of technology our products should not leave behind, your product should be digital to carry with the today’s fast-forward approach of retail supply chain management. Today nearly all supermarkets and malls are using optical technology to maintain stalk and produce accuracy with the billing system. We here at PickNpack, don’t want our customers to be left behind in this race of technology. So we are here with the Barcode Technology which is widely used for the Purpose.”

Barcode Technology

Living all the technicalities behind basically a barcode is in optical-machine readable identity of your product, which binds up the data of your product such as price, batch number ,manufacture date, date of expiry, etc. in a single image ,which is printed on the packaging so that you can easily sell them wherever you need.



If One cannot sell his/her product in the supermarket /malls without a barcode as this is mandatory to maintain Barcode on the product which helps this mall /supermarket in retail supply chain management which is their basic need.
So before selling your product on the market, you need to register a barcode, which is a quite tough job! But why take Stress when we are here to help you. Thinking of where to start?


The Process of Obtaining Barcode


Determine the requirements

Barcodes are available in various types and can be bought in different quantities process of obtaining barcode starts with identifying requirement by an applicant.


Preparation of documents

With barcode application various document are required to be annexed. Our expert will collect all the information and documents required for issuing barcode.



Government fees are paid in form of demand draft after determining the quantity of barcode and validity period.



We will deliver the barcodes issued by GS1 along with all mandatory information.

Document Required For Barcode

☛ Certificate of Incorporation

☛ GST registration copy

☛ Pan Card of company

☛ Request letter on company’s letterhead

☛ Turnover proof i.e. copy of Balance Sheet as on 31st March of the previous year

☛ Any other registration copy by government


Validity of Barcode

The barcode is issued for 1, 2, 3 or 10 Years

Applied April to June Valid to 31st March
Applied July to Sept Valid to 30th June
Applied Oct to Dec Valid to 30th Sept
Applied Jan to March Valid to 31st Dec