What determines your packaged food is safe?

That day, all hungry we, ordered a food from that brand new food joint of our city and yes excited me opens the box and found what?

Insect! That insect and food joint ruined the entire mood. One of my friends decided to go to the consumer forum and for the next week, we and that food joint owner go through a lot of drama and actions. Two years ago, food safety and standard authority of India made mandatory FSSAI registration for all business operators involving e-commerce companies running the online food business. This decision was taken to ensure the food safety for those who buy food from such online channels. If that food joint owner had FSSAI registration, maybe he would not suffer to that extent.


As per this rules, all e-commerce food companies are required to display the relevant details on their portals as consumers will be aware of while purchasing food through this online channels. Details like name address and license number of seller nutrition parameters, food safety notes as well as packaging ingredients and price details are mandatory.


Last year in 2017, FSSAI again comes up with new rules FSSAI mandate obtainment of FSSAI license for all e-commerce food business operator engaged in running food business such license can be procured from licensing authority for an entire supply chain.


Now tech-savvy India doesn’t want to compromise with the safety of online food!


So what does it mean to those who sell their food online???


Get a license to run the business legally!! Well, countries food giants food panda and sweegy are also not exempted from this rule. If you are a food feeder with the big pocket having the annual turnover of more than 12 lakh, you must get food license following by registration with FSSAI. This process may seem like heart hitting but consulting with your food registration and license along with your license expert and with sufficient planning you can flag your achievement on this mark. Depending on what the annual turnover of your business is, you will have to opt for one of these two licenses:

  • State License, if the business turnover falls in the range of Rs. 12 lakh to Rs. 20 crores annually;
  • Central License, if the turnover exceeds Rs. 20 crore annually.



Since the main criteria for determining the license type is your annual turnover, once you have calculated that, you can easily proceed by furnishing the required documents, paying the requisite challan fee and submitting it in the designated office. An inspection process and a follow-up later, you will have successfully completed the procedure. Alternatively, you can also register for a fresh license using the and follow the procedure.


Punishments for running the business without obtaining the food license


As per the Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006, section 31 clearly state that, -If any person or food business operator (except the persons exempted from licensing under sub-section (2) of section 31 of this Act), himself or by any person on his behalf who is required to obtain licence, manufacture, sells, stores or distributes or imports any article of food without license, shall be punishable with imprisonment for a term which may extend to six months and also with a fine which may extend to five lakh rupees. (Too much than fees for obtaining license!!)


Once you get the license or get registration done, your responsibility does not end here, you could still get your license suspended if you do not follow the safety and quality standard as prescribed under the food safety and standard act, 2006. In 2003, a well-known brand Cadbury bear a loss of sales by 30% due to few instances of worms in its dairy milk bars. Cadbury faced this problem only because of faulty packaging and unhygienic conditions. By investing up to 15 crores, Cadbury revamped the metallic poly flow packaging of dairy milk and then heads up in a market. So the packaging also affects the quality and standard of products. The standard process of packaging and trusted supplier of packaging material also gives you surety of product quality and food safety. picknpack is one of those packaging material suppliers who believe in excellence in quality.


Remember, being cooperative with government checks and food safety obligations, will not only help you to pass but you can earn distinction by enhancing your image in the eyes of consumers who are becoming highly conscious about food safety and hygiene. so, if you are the startup in the food industry or already a solid player in the field, don’t get delay getting food license/registration, so you can do your business without any a headache.

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